Context Driven Customer Success

How an omni-perspective on your customers lowers churn and sets you up for expansion growth. In this webinar, we will share best practices and concrete examples on how you can leverage data to better serve your customers and by that grow your business.



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January 27th 2022 at 11:30 am CET (30 min)

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Mikko Honkanen


Johan Nilsson

Founder & CEO



As our special guest we have Mikko Honkanen, the co-founder of Vainu. Vainu is building a Sales Intelligence platform that helps companies achieve personalization at scale in sales and marketing through real-time company data. Mikko has a long background in SaaS both as entrepreneur and investor.
Some of the topics we will cover:
1. Why customers churn and why we should not be surprised
2. How customer context is key and how to make it actionable
3. How Ideal Customer Profile impacts not only Sales but also Customer Success
4. Growing recurring revenue based on context data
5. Where are we going from here, what’s next for Customer Success
The webinar will be held in english and available on-demand at a later stage.



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