Delivering Customer Success at Scale

How do you get the coverage model right for Customer Success as you grow? Is it possible to do more Customer Success with the same resources? Can we scale effectively AND improve the customer experience? Join our webinar with special guest Natascha Evans, VP Global Enterprise Customer Success at Salesloft.


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September 28th 2022 at 11:30 am CET (30 min)

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Johan Nilsson

Founder & CEO


Natasha Evans

VP Global Enterprise Customer Success



1. Common challenges in coverage as you grow and scale.
2. How to evaluate your model and where to start improving.

3. Tools, automations and getting more leverage on your work.

4. KPIs and health metrics to measure impact of coverage model.

5. Where are we going from here, what’s next for Customer Success.


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About us: Startdeliver is a next generation Customer Success Platform. We make sense of large amounts of customer data from a great variety of sources. We help you drive all customer actions, in new ways and new channels, based on this data. Essentially, we help you do the right things, the things that will give your customers the outcome they want, the impact.

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