Effective Turnaround Programs for At Risk Customers


What are the early signs for an at risk customer? And what are effective strategies for turning them around? In this webinar we'll identify signs to identify a churning customer and strategies to make them more successful than ever before.

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March 30th 2023 at 4pm CET/10am EST(30 min).

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We have all been in the unpleasant situation of trying to win back a customer that is about to churn. What should we consider before trying to save a customer and are there important differences here? How can you make a customer that was at risk even more successful and maybe even upgrade them?


Topics we'll discuss:

1. Identifying the signs of a customer at risk of churning
2. Success potential as game changer: Potential success of a program can change the game for customer and company.
3. Low vs. high percentage activities: Identifying activities that are most likely to drive positive results
4. High impact interventions: Specific actions or strategies that have significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention
5. Utilizing data and analytics to identify patterns and trends among at-risk customers.


Johan Nilsson

CEO & Founder


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