The Largest Customer  Success Event in the Nordics Goes Virtual! 
A 4-day live virtual event including key notes, workshops and networking
27th of April - 30th of April
International Thought Leaders

The event will host some of the best and most wellknown thought leaders within the field of Customer Success.
Nordic Tech Founders & CEOs 

Listen to the real stories from CEOs and founders managing the fastest growing and largest Nordic Tech and SaaS companies.
Leaders of Customer Success

Learn from leaders of customer success on how they have built and scacled their teams and organizations.
Online networking & workshops

Build your network of colleagues in Customer Success as well as share and learn together in workshops.

No matter the season of the economy we need to find ways to bring more value to our customers. If we do this during tougher times, we will not only get through, but we will prosper and see new higher levels of growth as the economy improves.

This is what the program for Impact 2020 Virtual is all about.

Lincoln Murphy

Workshops: How to Manage in Tough Times and How to Expand Revenue, Grow Profit, and Increase the Value of Your Company Going Forward
Lincoln Murphy, a world-renowned speaker, blogger and growth consultant focused on Customer-centric Growth. For over a decade, Lincoln has helped hundreds of companies accelerate growth by optimizing the Customer Lifecycle, from customer acquisition to retention to account expansion and advocacy.
Online Networking: We want to empower the Customer Success community and at Impact we will open up several channels for interacting, sharing ideas and learning together. 
During Impact Virtual you will all have access to our new communities for Customer Success where you can connect and chat as much as you like with other attendees as well as the speakers in dedicated channels for different topics. 

Shane Correa & Johan Nilsson

Workshop: How to Supercharge your Customer Success Culture. Where to start, in a practical, intentional way, to get where you want to be.
No matter your size or growth rate you have to install a stellar culture that is focused around creating more value for your customer than anyone else.
How do you improve from where you are? How do you get the right resources to invest? How do you get the necessary attention? Your culture is not what you say, but what you do, so how do make sure everyone follows the principles you want? Get all the practical tools to supercharge your culture.
CEO Panel: How has Customer Success evolved, what changed during the different stages and where are we going from here?

Founders and CEOs with extensive SaaS-background building some of the most successful and fastest growing companies in the Nordics. Get to hear their story, the challenges they faced and key insights on the journey, and also get to ask them anything live.

VC Panel: The investor view: How do Customer Success play into the valuation of your company and what are the hits and misses when it comes to fundraising.
Is Customer Success just a buzzword or can it tell something about the future of your company? What does an investor look for in a Nordic tech/SaaS company and where do you need to perform in order to attract capital? 
We have some of most proficient VCs sharing their experience of evaluating, funding and building successful companies together with entrepreneurs.

The Impact Playbook for Customer Success


All of our attendees will recieve our Impact playbook, containing concrete ways of developing and working with Customer Success.


  • Strategy - Aligning your Customer Success model with your market dynamics and Customer Journey.
  • Specialization - Segmenting, specializing roles and how it all comes together.
  • Recruiting – Attracting top talent.
  • Retention - Engaging, developing, and motivating top talent.
  • Execution -  Strategies for trials, onboarding, “continuous onboarding”, expansion and churn.
  • Leadership - Actionable advice on what it takes to lead Customer Success today.


Fredrik Skantze

CEO & Co-Founder

Gustav Aurén

Chief Revenue Officer


Johan Crona

Founder & Managing Partner

Cloud Capital

Mia Nordborg

Chief Customer Success Officer


Lincoln Murphy

Keynote Speaker, Growth Consultant

Sixteen Ventures

Taina Sipilä

CEO & Founder

Dear Lucy, Sympa

Marcus Carloni

CEO & Founder


Mikael Johnsson

Co-founder & General Partner


Nils Bergman

Investor, SaaS CEO

Stella Ventures

Pål Malmros


Verdane Capital Partners

Shane Correa

Serial VP Customer Success Oracle, Besedo, FieldEdge, YM

Gustav Hasselblad

Chief Customer Officer


Magnus Willumsen

Investment Manager

Viking Ventures

Johan Nilsson

CEO & Founder


Gustav Jonsson

Director of Customer Success


Samir Smajic

CEO & Founder


Victor Ivarsson

Head of Operations


Linus Dagh



David Kuritzén

Investment Manager


Mystery Speaker

Head of Customer Success

SaaS Company

As the Nordic Customer Success community is growing in both size and importance, we believe it’s about time to get together and have an even bigger impact. To share experiences. To learn from the best. To get new insights and not the least – network and have a blast!

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