Success Plan Secrets: Five Overlooked Steps for More Customer Impact
In today's competitive business landscape, Customer Success is the driving force behind long-term growth and prosperity. Join us as we unveil the insider secrets to crafting effective success plans that nurture your customers, align with their objectives, and lead to higher impact and success.

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December 7th 2023 at 3pm CET (30 min)

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1. The foundation of an effective Success Plan
2. Best practices to uncover the customer's goals and objectives
3. Strategies to monitor and measure the success
4. Common pitfalls and best practices for creating a Success Plan
5. Leveraging technology to streamline success plan management and progress tracking.
The webinar will be held in english and available on-demand at a later stage.



The host of this webinar is Johan Nilsson, CEO & Founder of Startdeliver.

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Startdeliver is a next generation Customer Success Platform. We make sense of large amounts of customer data from a great variety of sources. We help you drive all customer actions, in new ways and new channels, based on this data. Essentially, we help you do the right things, the things that will give your customers the outcome they want, the impact.

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